Young teen with braces smiling during summer vacation

Orthodontic Hygiene Tips for Summer Vacations from Broadbent Orthodontics 

At Broadbent Orthodontics, we are committed to ensuring that your child’s orthodontic care is easy and effective, even during the fun and excitement of summer vacations. By following our braces maintenance tips, you can ensure your child’s smile stays healthy and bright throughout your travels. 

Make Orthodontic Treatment Your Resolution

Make Orthodontic Treatment Your Resolution

With the new year upon us, it’s the perfect time to start thinking about our goals and resolutions. If you or your child are considering […]

TMJ Awareness at Broadbent Orthodontics in North Ogden, Utah

November is already here, and our office in Ogden, Utah is preparing for another celebration of TMJ Disorder Awareness Month. TMJ Disorder affects millions of […]