Children’s Orthodontics

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A Gentle Approach

During childhood, the jaw and teeth are still developing, making it an ideal time to address any orthodontic concerns. Our experienced orthodontist, Dr. Richard Broadbent, is skilled in identifying and correcting alignment issues, overcrowding, and improper bites in young patients.

Caring for Young Patients

We take the time to create a comfortable and supportive environment, ensuring that your child feels at ease throughout their journey.

Parental Involvement

We believe in the power of education and encourage parents to actively participate in their child's orthodontic care.

The Benefits of Early Orthodontic Treatment

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Guiding Jaw Growth

By addressing orthodontic issues early on, we can guide development of the jaw, ensuring proper alignment and a balanced facial profile.

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Correcting Bite Problems

Early treatment can correct bite problems, such as overbites, underbites, and crossbites, which affect function and appearance of the teeth.

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Preventing Dental Issues

Timely orthodontic intervention can help prevent future dental problems, such as tooth decay, gum disease, and excessive wear of tooth enamel.

Child-Friendly Orthodontic Treatment

At Broadbent Orthodontics, we understand that a positive and comfortable experience is essential for our young patients. Our child-friendly orthodontic treatments are designed with their unique needs in mind, combining gentle techniques and a supportive environment to ensure a pleasant journey towards a healthy and beautiful smile. Use the following links to see why parents trust us for their child’s orthodontic needs.

Child orthodontics in North Ogden, UT

Exceptional Care & Confident Smiles

At Broadbent Orthodontics, our goal is to help children achieve straight, healthy smiles that instill confidence and promote long-term oral health. We also provide parents the guidance on proper oral hygiene techniques, dietary considerations, and any necessary lifestyle adjustments to support your child's treatment.

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