Surgical orthodontics is used to surgically reposition the jaw, allowing the patient to correctly chew, bite, and speak. This treatment option is reserved for patients with severe jaw irregularities. Many orthodontic treatments are not effective without surgical orthodontics or orthognathic surgery in patients who have severe jaw problems.

surgical orthodonticsThis type of surgery is only used on patients whose jaws have stopped growing. Typically, the jaw stops growing at 16 for girl and 18 for boys. Your orthodontic surgery will be completed by an oral surgeon in a hospital or surgical center. Depending on the complexities of your jaw problems, the surgery may last several hours and may require separation of the jaw before repositioning.

You may return to work or school as early as 2 weeks after your surgery, although complete recovery is generally 4-8 weeks. Adjustments to your orthodontic treatment may be made after the surgery and braces are generally removed after 6-12 months. After your surgery and braces treatment have been completed, it is important to wear your retainer and follow at-home care instruction.

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