smart clip braces

Smart Clip™ Self-Ligating Braces

Broadbent Orthodontics uses the Smart Clip braces system to increase comfort and versatility for our orthodontic patients. With typical standard wire braces, rubber bands are used to hold the wire onto your braces. With the Smart Clip braces system, it utilizes the latest technology to eliminate the need for the use of rubber bands and staining caused by traditional braces. This self-ligating system makes it so much easier for our patients to take care of their braces with less maintenance and much fewer adjustments.

Smart Clip braces are customizable for each patient while increasing comfort and hygiene. Our patients find the confidence they need in their smile with less hassle and more simplicity. We use the best technology available to help our patients achieve their desired orthodontic results. Your teeth will stay much cleaner and you will spend a lot less time in the orthodontist’s chair!

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