emergency orthodontic careAlthough orthodontic emergencies are typically not a very common occurrence, our staff is still available to help out with any type of orthodontic emergency, providing whatever necessary care that is needed. If you are experiencing severe pain that cannot be taken care of with over the counter pain killers, then it is advised that you should call the office immediately. We can schedule an emergency appointment to find out what the problem is, and help to quickly resolve your pain, or any other orthodontic emergency situation.

In addition to scheduling an emergency appointment, you can also help to alleviate some of your pain and discomfort by using wax around the offending wire or loose bracket, and rinsing with a warm salt water solution. If you do have a loose or broken wire, try using the eraser of a pencil or the back of a spoon to get the wire back into place. Call your orthodontist immediately to schedule an emergency appointment if you have a missing or broken wire or bracket.

Call Broadbent Orthodontics today if you have further questions about our emergency care services, or if are currently experiencing an orthodontic emergency.

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