common orthodontic treatmentTypes of Orthodontic Treatments

Broadbent Orthodontics utilizes state of the art technology and equipment in collaboration with effective orthodontic treatments for many different types of orthodontic problems. We are familiar with orthodontic troubles and we provide common orthodontic treatments  for our North Ogden orthodontic patients. Our goal is give each and every one of our patients a healthy and beautiful smile that they can feel confident about. At Broadbent Orthodontics, we specifically specialize in treating these common types orthodontic problems:

  • Crowding of teeth: misalignment of teeth due to large teeth and/or small jaw
  • Open bite: front teeth do not touch the bottom teeth
  • Deep overbite: lower front teeth bite into the palate
  • Missing lateral incisors or other teeth
  • Underbite: lower front teeth close in front of the upper teeth
  • Spacing or gapping of teeth
  • Overbite: protruding front teeth
  • Non-braces treatment
  • Phase I: early preventative orthodontics

The overall benefits of orthodontic treatment will help in preventing tooth decay, recession, gingivitis and gum disease, and most importantly, boost your self-confidence.

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