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Broadbent Orthodontics provides excellent orthodontic care and braces for adults in the North Ogden and Clearfield areas. If you are beginning to experience orthodontic problems as an adult, or if you were unable to fix any malocclusion issues as a teen, do not worry. You can still receive braces and orthodontic care as an adult to correct those problems.

There are many different factors to think about when considering braces as an adult, which in turn will effect the type of orthodontic treatments that may be advisable to you. The technology and treatments available at Broadbent Orthodontics can help you to correct any type of orthodontic problem you are currently experiencing. Keeping your teeth and smile healthy with regular checkups and dental care is a very important part of the success of your orthodontic treatments in your adult years. A thorough examination and consultation can help you to determine what type of treatments will be the very best fit for you and your budget.

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